Crustacea Cirripedia Thoracica: Chionelasmatoidea and Pachylasmatoidea (Balanomorpha) of New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Wallis and Futuna Islands, with a review of all currently assigned taxa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Authors:Jones, DS
Journal:Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle
Keywords:Diagnostic characters of subordinate taxa, Emended diagnosis, Eutomolasma, Key to genera, Key to subfamilies, New genus Eutomolasma, New genus Microlasma, New record]. Eurylasma (Balanomorpha): [Gen nov, New record]. Tetrapachylasma - Foster 1988 (Balanomorpha): [Diagnostic characters of subordinate taxa, Of family Pachylasmatidae, Of new subfamily Metalasmatinae, Of subfamily Pachylasmatinae, P. 154, P. 156, P. 157, P. 158, P. 159]. Pachylasmatinae - Utinomi 1968 (Balanomorpha): [Emended diagnosis, P. 160]., P. 163, P. 164, p. 166, p. 166]. Pachylasma crinoidophilum - Pilsbry 1911 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, P. 166]. Pachylasmatoidea - Utinomi 1968 (Balanomorpha): [Emended diagnosis, P. 167]. Eutomolasma chinense - (Pilsbry 1912) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 168]. Eutomolasma japonicum - (Hiro 1933) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 169]. Eutomolasma maclaughlinae (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 169]. Eutomolasma orbiculatum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, p. 169]. Pachylasma laeviscutum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 172]. Hexelasma - Hoek 1913 (Balanomorpha): [Diagnostic characters of subordinate taxa, p. 177, P. 178]. Microlasma arwetergum - (Rosell 1991) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 179]. Microlasma crinoidophilum - (Pilsbry 1911) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 179]. Pachylasma aurantiacum - Darwin 1854 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, p. 180]. Microlasma fragile (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, p. 180]. Pachylasma ferrugomaculosa - Jones 1993 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, P. 181]. Microlasma ochriderma - (Foster 1981) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 184]. Pachylasma - Darwin 1854 (Balanomorpha): [Diagnostic characters of subordinate taxa, p. 184]. Pachylasma ovatum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 185]. Pachylasma arwetergum - Rosell 1991 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, P. 186, P. 188]. Pachylasma chinense - Pilsbry 1912 (Balanomorpha): [Designated type species for new genus, P. 193]. Pachylasma ochriderma - Foster 1981 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, P. 198]. Pachylasmatidae - Utinomi 1968 (Balanomorpha): [Diagnostic characters of subordinate taxa, p. 201, P. 202]. Eurylasma angustum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 203]. Eurylasma ferulum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 207]. Eurylasma pyramidale (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 210]. Eutomolasma (Balanomorpha): [Gen nov, P. 213]. Tetrapachylasma arcuatum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 215, P. 216]. Tetrapachylasma aurantiacum - (Darwin 1854) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 221]. Pachylasma bacum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, p. 221]. Tetrapachylasma ferrugomaculosa - (Jones 1993) (Balanomorpha): [Comb nov, p. 222]. Pachylasma japonicum - Hiro 1933 (Balanomorpha): [Referred to, p. 222]. Tetrapachylasma ornatum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 223]. Waikalasma boucheti - Buckeridge 1996 (Balanomorpha): [Redescription, p. 226]. Microlasma (Balanomorpha): [Gen nov, p. 227]. Metalasma crassum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 228]. Metalasmatinae (Balanomorpha): [Subfam nov, P. 231]. Chionelasmatoidea - Buckeridge 1983 (Balanomorpha): [New record]. Chionelasmus darwini - (Pilsbry 1907) (Balanomorpha): [Redescription, P. 232]. Bathylasma alearum (Balanomorpha): [New record]. Bathylasmatinae - Newman & Ross 1976 (Balanomorpha): [Included taxa, P. 241]. Hexelasma aureolum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 247]. Hexelasma flavidum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 252]. Hexelasma foratum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 256]. Hexelasma globosum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 259]. Hexelasma persicum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 265]. Hexelasma sandaracum (Balanomorpha): [Sp nov, P. 268]. Metalasma (Balanomorpha): [Gen nov, South Pacific, Systematics Nomenclature New taxa Type species Diagnosis Description Combination Taxonomy Taxonomic position Key General morphology Skeletal and supporting structures Ecology Community structure Zoogeography Marine zones Pacific Ocean Bathylasma alearum [, Tetrapachylasma, Transferred from Pachylasma, Type genus Metalasma, Type species Eurylasma angustum, Type species Metalasma crassum, Type species Microlasma fragile, Type species Pachylasma chinense Pilsbry 1912, Vanuatu & Wallis & Futuna Islands / Systematic revision new records morphology & biology]. Chionelasmus darwini [South Pacific / New Caledonia / New record]. Eurylasma angustum Eurylasma ferulum Eurylasma pyramidale Eutomolasma orbiculatum Hexelasma aureo, West Pacific
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