The littoral and shallow-water barnacles (Crustacea: Cirripedia) of south-eastern Queensland

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Jones, DS
Journal:Memoirs of the Queensland Museum

Seventy-four littoral and shallow-water (0-100 m) barnacle species from south-eastern Queensland are documented. Data from new collections of littoral and shallow-water barnacle species made during the February 2005 workshop, are combined with older SE Queensland barnacle collection data from Australian museums. South-eastern Queensland represents a transitional area between southern temperate and tropical zones and this transitional position is reflected in the composition of the barnacle fauna. The number of Australian endemic species (12) is relatively high, reflecting the influence of the southern fauna, but the fauna is dominated by species with Indo-west Pacific (25), cosmopolitan (22) and, to a lesser extent, Indo-Japanese (9) affinities, with Australasian (2), western Pacific (2) and Indo-Australasian (1) species minor components. One new species, Arcalepas brucei Jones & Morton, 2009, was collected during the Workshop. Neonrosella subgen. nov. is proposed to replace Rosella Ross & Perreault, 1999, which is preoccupied.

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